Episode 26 – Six Leadership Lessons from One Year of Podcasting

It’s the one year anniversary of Show Up As a Leader, and during this time we’ve interviewed some amazing guests to help you maximize your positive impact on the world by becoming your best, fully authentic self. Can you believe it? It has been such a fun and challenging year of podcasting, and to celebrate, I’m revisiting some of my favorite moments with past guests. Listen and learn six leadership lessons you can apply right now to show up as a leader.

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 Show Notes: Check out the full episodes highlighted in this special recap episode!

Episode 2: Bob Chapman on the Power of Listening and Caring - In this episode, Bob Chapman and I talk about the incredible power of listening and a leadership and humanistic skill that can heal relationships, workplaces and communities and the mission he’s on to change the world through Truly Human Leadership. I’m so inspired by the path Bob is paving for a better future for our kids and us all and have his book ridiculously highlighted and tabbed. It’s always uplifting and inspiring to talk with him -- and this conversation was no exception!

Episode 4: Lynne Twist & Alexander McCobin on Shifting from a Mindset of Scarcity to Purpose, Sufficiency and Gratitude- In this episode, Lynne Twist, Alexander McCobin and I talk about how, now more than ever, it is so critical for us to show up differently and more conscious. Lynne is the epitome of a conscious leader making a difference around her every single day and discusses the critical transformation we need to make from the unconscious and unexamined assumptions we hold to move from a lens of scarcity to sufficiency. Alexander is a beacon of energy and positivity to change the DNA of our business world and discusses the important role Conscious Capitalism is playing in this. The problems our world is facing demand we ALL show up as leaders and that the business and activist communities start partnering to find solutions together. We are neurobiologically hardwired for connection; our conversation reinforces this and that we need to partner and be in relationship to pave a path for a better, more sustainable future. I walked away inspired, encouraged and hopeful and know you’ll feel the same!

Episode 7: Kristen Hadeed on Reframing Our Relationship and Narrative with Failure and Showing Up as Our Best Selves - In this episode, Kristen Hadeed talks about the importance of normalizing our humanity by reframing our relationship and narrative with failure. We also discuss the value of sharing our stories and creating a resiliency resume, being more intentional to set boundaries and tend to what we need to show up as our best, and setting intentions for how we show up so we can give others the gift of our full presence. I always walk away from any interaction with Kristen feeling grounded, more human and encouraged, and I know you’ll find hope, wisdom and some useful practices you can put into place to support you in showing up as your authentic, best self!

Episode 13: Wendy Lynch on the Power of Listening, Asking Thoughtful Questions, and Getting to What Really Matters - Every conversation and interaction I have with Wendy Lynch is like a calming, warm hug! She is such an incredible leader who is so humble (as you’ll hear, she doesn’t even consider herself a leader). We talk about her work for getting to what matters and key tools we can all use to transform conversations in our lives. We use her tools as core content in our workshops on improved communication to help people have a common foundation for how to listen and create safe spaces for people to feel valued and heard. I think her work matters now more than ever (no pun intended) given how divisive our world has become. I hope you’ll leave our conversation uplifted, hopeful, and with tools to show up more intentionally and effectively in your conversations with others.

Episode 24: Mark Kenny on Eliminating Territorial Thinking and Unleashing the Power of Teams - I so enjoyed this conversation with my fellow Table Group Consultant and Practitioner Alliance colleague, Mark Kenny. He is a successful business owner, keynote speaker, new author and a wonderfully authentic dude. We talk about the importance of being able to truly operate as a team - both within and outside of organizations. Mark discusses why this matters now more than ever, what gets in our way, and some key things we can do to start to address the gaps between silos and get out of our own territorial, self-protective ways to collaborate with others, serve a common purpose, and have a greater impact. I think you’ll walk away with some wonderful insights and tangible actions you can take right now to show up as a leader and unleash the power of teams.

Episode 20: Jaime Taets on Embracing Our Humanity and Navigating Our Messy Journey to Success - I LOVED this conversation with my sister from another mister - Jaime Taets. She is a successful business owner, new author and all-around kick-ass human being. We talk about normalizing all the messiness of being human and the things we all go through that can keep us stuck. Jaime openly shares her own struggles and journey; she even shares her “Bad Moms” movie moment - losing it at a PTA meeting and lessons for saying “no” and setting healthy boundaries. There are so many great reminders and nuggets of wisdom in our conversation. I hope you walk away feeling a little less alone in your struggles and having insights for how to let your gifts shine.


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