Episode 29 – Brandon Hatton on Having an Abundance Mindset and Healing Our Money Memory

You have to work on yourself before you can show up for others. Something easier said than done. Brandon Hatton, the author of Conscious Wealth, says one place you can start is your relationship with money. In his book, he describes why a recalibration of your views on your finances can put things into perspective and help you focus on what really matters. Listen to this episode to hear how Brandon was able to create a sense of abundance in his life and what kind of impact you can make on others by doing the same.

Guest Info

Brandon Hatton CAP®, CRCP® Investment Advisor Representative - The Hatton Group of Raymond James

Brandon is an investment advisor who endeavors to help his clients live abundant, intentional lives. He specializes in family dynamics around multi-generational wealth and advises clients who seek to use their financial assets to help make a positive impact through investments and philanthropy.

Brandon understands the constructive nature of wealth when all family members are engaged and working collaboratively. To this end, he guides families in estate planning, business exit strategy, and general financial preparedness for future generations. Brandon enjoys the fulfillment that working with people brings, including the creative, methodical nature of portfolio creation and wealth maintenance based on Conscious Wealth principles.

Brandon has traveled the world many times over, opened a school in Egypt with a team of four co-founders, and taught history in Lebanon and Brazil. He enjoys sailing, reading poetry, and cooking whenever he has a chance.




 Guest Resources

Conscious Wealth: Money, Investing, and a Financial Awakening for the Person Who Has it All by Brandon Hatton

This book is for those who wake up one day and realize they have everything they always wanted and yet discover that it is not enough. Those with unlimited financial means are, ironically, often still operating from a place of scarcity. They are unaware of the negative stories they have built up around money and are unable to differentiate between being rich (having a lot of money) and being wealthy (having money but also a positive connection with self, with others, and with the bigger world).

Falling back on the lessons learned during his own journey, Brandon provides a clearly illustrated mindset around money and a framework around investments, both of which allow readers to focus on what matters most during their wealth creation journey.

Conscious Wealth helps readers achieve not only family communication and healthy personal interactions with money but also a means to greater impact the world through investments and a Conscious Wealth philosophy.


BrandonHatton.com - this is where you can learn more about Brandon, including his blog, book, speaking services and Conscious Wealth management. 


Show Notes

In this episode, you'll learn to:

- Create a sense of abundance in your life
- Transform money into purpose
- Be intentional with your money in order to make an impact

What to listen for:

- [02:19] The purpose of finance
- [04:04] The dichotomy of consciousness and wealth
- [07:34] How to create a sense of abundance
- [09:28] Reframing beliefs that no longer serve you
- [11:33] Doing the inner work
- [13:57] Transforming money into purpose
- [21:17] Using money to make an impact
- [23:05] How money can unite us
- [24:29] Investing in social change through your business
- [27:06] Questioning your narratives around money
- [31:38] Being a leader who teaches
- [33:04] Quick questions with Brandon
- [35:31] Brandon's challenge to himself and other leaders


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