Episode 3 – Laura Hall on Starting Somewhere and Embracing Progress Over Perfection

In this episode, Laura Hall and I talk about how important it is that we don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress and that seemingly small steps can lead to having a large impact. In other words, we all can start somewhere and have a ripple effect around us. Laura is an incredible force for good in this world and is bringing conscious leadership principles to a key stakeholder - our children. And we share a love of accessories! I hope you’ll walk away encouraged, inspired and energized like I was when we finished our interview.

Guest Info

Laura Hall

Laura Hall is a global business leader in the fashion and consumer goods industry.   She left her last corporate role as president of accessories for Polo Ralph Lauren to join forces with two other female C-Suite executives to create WHYZ Partners. WHYZ Partners is a different kind of business advisory collective that offers retailers and brands a 21st century road map for how to successfully navigate purpose and profit in a 'new abnormal' consumer goods ecosystem.  Laura has been called a 'collaborative co-conspirator' by her peers and clients - a descriptor she proudly accepts! And most recently, Laura is the author of a new children's book The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for KIDs - because Laura believes that 'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men' ...as Frederick Douglass said over a century ago.  

Laura is also part of a business and banking task force working with public and private sector organizations to introduce a new way to measure economic wealth. The Social Wealth Index or SWI is an additional measurement tool to GDP which measures the input and output of caring for people and planet. Laura believes that we measure what matters and that what matters gets measured and that the real wealth of a nation or society or business lies in how it treats its people, and how its people treat the environment.


Show Notes

The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for KIDs - Create a Business, Make Money, Change the World by Laura Hall 

The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for KIDs is for kids who have big ideas and even bigger dreams, and want to make some money along the way. In this stunningly creative activity book, Laura Hall offers readers twenty-six bite-sized chapters--one for every letter of the alphabet--that will help you to:

--Identify and understand what Conscious Capitalism is and why you want to be a part of the movement
--Create a business idea that means something not only to you but to those around you
--Make that cash--helping you to be the change-maker you have always wanted to be

By the end of The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for KIDs, you'll understand the power of Conscious Capitalism and why this movement is so important, how to discover your own passion and purpose, and how to use that passion as a force for good--something that can better the world, the people in it, and your wallet. You might even find a few surprises on these pages!

Social Wealth Index - this gives more details of the SWI that Laura spoke about regarding measuring the economic value of caring for people and the planet

Laura's List - this is the list Laura compiled of socially responsible fashion brands


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