Episode 32: Julie Bartkus on Detoxifying Your Organization

What pain points do you have in your organization that are holding you back? Julie Bartkus, a workplace transformation consultant, says to move forward you need to root out the cause of that pain. If you’re willing to be vulnerable and take a hard look at your organization, then you can put yourself in a position to change your business for the better. In this episode, Julie breaks down what it means to “detox” an organization. As you listen you’ll learn how to identify and eliminate the things that de-motivate your staff and get to a place where you can fall in love with your business all over again.

Guest Info

Julie Bartkus, Founder & President - Motivate Teachers

Julie helps leaders create the positive and productive workplace that they desire and deserve. She has extensive experience helping leaders eliminate the destructive communication patterns (such as workplace gossip) and mindsets that keep their teams stuck. Julie has interviewed thousands of staff members and their leaders to find out what the "demotivators" are in the workplace and what the motivators are. Her finding are incorporated into the step-by-step systems that she shares with leaders today.



Julie Helps:

  • Business owners who study personal development attract and retain a team that will help them bring their business to the next level.
  • Overworked business owners who are stuck in a repeating pattern of hiring the same types of people over and over again break free.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to achieve the supportive and motivating workforce culture crucial to attracting an hiring your ideal people.


 Guest Resources

“Getting Unstuck” Consultation - this is where you can schedule a free, no-cost getting unstuck consultation with Julie.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

- If you don’t connect to your vision, no one else will
- Identify what’s causing the pain in your organization and eliminate it
- Learn to let go of the things that aren’t working

What to listen for:

[01:36] Developing and cultivating your vision
[04:42] Doing away with judgmental thoughts
[06:53] Knowing who “your people” are
[09:52] What it means to detox an organization
[13:46] Identify what’s causing pain in your organization
[17:10] Creating a more human workplace
[20:16] Removing what no longer serves us
[23:38] Having the people you need to bring your vision to life
[25:11] Julie’s self-limiting story
[28:09] Quick questions with Julie
[30:51] Julie’s challenge to other leaders


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