Episode 5 – Nancy Pautsch on Showing Up as a Self-Aware, Conscious Leader

In this episode, I chat with Nancy Pautsch, Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (i.e., president) of Envision IT, about the value of listening when life throws “wake-up calls” at us and that it’s never too late to reset. We talk about her leadership awakening and how necessary it is to do the messy inner work and embrace the ongoing journey of developing ourselves, ground ourselves in the clarity our purpose brings, recognize that perfection is pure fiction and move from stress and fear-based catastrophizing to building our ability to ground ourselves and rise strong when we fall - and recognize we’re enough and have value. There's so much inspiration and wisdom in Nancy’s journey and our conversation. I know you’ll walk away thinking differently about your own leadership journey and nuggets you can hopefully apply to help you be intentional to show up fully and authentically in your life.

Guest Info

Nancy Pautsch, Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (President) - Envision IT

Nancy Pautsch is the Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (President) of Envision IT, a group of curious and compassionate people growing a soulful company. Envision’s mission is to enrich the lives of their stakeholders. Their business is technology consulting focused on optimization helping to ensure that technology is an enabler to employee engagement and business success. Envision IT is the go-to technology partner for organizations across the U.S.

Nancy has been in the technology industry for 20+ years focused on strategy and business development. Keys to her leadership are a growth mindset and fostering collaborative cultures that breed a grounded sense of purpose while striving for excellence. Since heading-up Envision’s strategic transformation to a fully conscious business, the company has achieved triple-digit growth to the top and bottom line. Additionally, Envision has been lauded locally for their contributions to the community and economy; recognized globally in the technology industry as ‘best of the best’ for engineering quality, innovation, and customer experience; and highlighted by the Conscious Capitalism movement as a model for stakeholder orientation.

Although recognized for her impact to healthy business growth and Envision’s differentiation within the technology industry, Nancy is most enlivened about operating Envision IT as a Firm of Endearment. Envisioners are intrinsically purpose-driven and dedicated to elevating humanity through their business.


Show Notes

Firms of Endearment  - this is the website that has the most up-to-date research on the impact of human, conscious businesses (as well as links to purchase the book)

The Gifts of Imperfection Hub - this is the website hub for the recently released 10th anniversary edition of Brené Brown’s book that includes webinars and resources for leveraging this important work

Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication by Oren Jay Sofer - this a book Nancy mentions that was really helpful for her

Behind the Scenes

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