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How Culture Shapes Business Success with Jaime Taets

Jaime Taets firmly believes that a company's culture is not just one piece of the strategic puzzle but the critical framework required for building a successful business. In this episode of "How Culture Shapes Business Success," Jaime and Rosie engage in a fun and insightful conversation about the critical role of culture. They discuss how to look at it from a big-picture perspective and break it down into simple, tangible actions anyone can take. Whether you are a formal or informal leader, they provide tips on how developing your influential power can ignite your team's performance.

Guest Info

Jaime Taets, Author, Speaker, & CEO 

Jaime Taets, CEO Keystone Group International

As the CEO of Keystone Group International, Jaime created the organization to focus on leadership development, organizational strategy, and growth.

Before starting Keystone Group International, she spent 13 years in a large corporate environment in a variety of leadership roles, living and traveling globally. Jaime believes that strong leadership is the foundation for healthy and sustainable growth for any business. She uses her leadership experience to drive “real” discussions about how to drive high performance and healthy cultures within client organizations. Leaders need to be focused on helping their organizations create a positive mindset change to manage the constant change as their business grows and evolves.

Jaime’s areas of expertise are helping organizations identify the issue that is getting in their way of growth and creating a plan for improvement – specifically in areas of strategy, culture, and people. Jaime uses her Superpower of Empathy and high EQ to build strong relationships with clients and leaders within organizations she works with. This same Superpower allows her to build trust quickly which makes it easier to get to the root of the issue. The purpose behind Jaime’s work is to create an impact on the people she works with. Jaime is driven by the positive changes that she creates for her clients-it’s an addiction.

Additional Resources:

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Jaime's Book: The Culture Climb
Salveo Partners' Culture Change Consulting

Key Takeaways:

- Cultivating operational efficiency through cultural integration.
- Enhancing company performance with a proactive cultural risk assessment.
- The holistic impact of self-care on effective leadership.
- Transforming culture with simple, actionable leadership practices.
- The power of shared responsibility in creating a positive work environment.

Things to listen for:

04:49  Leading is a privilege, not everybody's role.
09:13  Industries facing mergers and acquisitions, cultural impact.
11:16  Organizations need to share responsibility for culture.
14:26  Focus on improving your immediate surroundings first.
18:25  Fostering influential power and emotional intelligence in organizations.
22:31  Language matters, be vulnerable, ask questions.
25:23  Top leaders need collaboration for strong culture.
28:30  Ignored, then faced consequences, made changes.
31:42  Stress hinders learning, environment affects leadership effectiveness.
36:30  Leaders need to prioritize self-care for impact.
38:48  Struggling with self-limiting belief, striving for success.

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