Humanizing Sales and Building Authentic Connections

Humanizing Sales and Building Authentic Connections with Nicholas Loise

From top sales performer to leading with empathy and authenticity, Nicholas Loise has navigated the challenging transition from individual accolades to team success. As founder and chief sales officer of Sales Performance Team, he brings his extensive experience to the forefront, reshaping the traditional sales approach.

In this episode of "Show Up as a Leader," Nicholas discusses the vital role of human connections in sales, tackling the tough decisions necessary for cultivating a healthy team environment, and the personal journey of overcoming self-doubt with host Rosie Ward. He emphasizes the significance of showing up genuinely as a leader and offers insight into promoting a more human-centric workplace culture.

Guest Info

Nicholas Loise, Founder & Chief Sales Officer, Sales Performance Team, LLC

Nicholas Loise

Nicholas Loise has been a salesperson, sales leader, successful entrepreneur, marketing and sales executive, Presidents Club winner, speaker, author, and recently Vice President of Sales, President, and Chief Revenue Officer with a company focused on helping small to midsize businesses improve their marketing and sales process, systems and playbooks.

His passion is, and always has been, helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and professional practices market and sell better, faster, and more efficiently to help the owners improve profitability and valuations. Nick achieves this by building integrated sales and marketing processes and systems with a focus on lifetime customer value. Through his work, he has revamped the sales process and marketing processes, created playbooks and introduced new business development plans focused on putting the right strategies and people in place to drive revenue, sales, and customer retention for companies ranging from $1 million to Fortune 100.

He is an author and co-author of many books on sales and marketing, a sought-after speaker, the creator of the educational course: Sales Mastery, How to Create a High Impact Sales Team, author of No BS Guide to Direct Response Marketing and Sales Needle, and ghostwriter to Magnetic Marketing and various other marketing and sales books and courses.

Nick brings his passion for sales, marketing, small business, and entrepreneurship to his work every day.

Additional Resources:

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Key Takeaways:

- Navigating the transition from top sales performer to effective team leader.
- Embracing tough leadership decisions for the health of the team culture.
- The humanizing power of vulnerable, authentic communication in sales.
- Unpacking detrimental sales cultures and the mental health impact on teams.
- Strategies for dismantling toxic "bro culture" in the workplace.

Things to listen for:

00:00 Sales leader advocates for empathetic, inclusive selling.
04:35 38% meet quota, 68% prefer salesperson-free environment.
13:07 Leaders should support individuals to improve performance.
16:39 Leaders seek help, avoid echo chambers, coaching.
17:40 Leaders recognize and motivate teams for success.
22:22 Consistently reinforce, hire wisely, cut fast when necessary.
25:04 Overlooking cultural erosion to retain top performers.
30:11 Transition to coaching, not swooping in. Story: client pressure, unresolved trip issue, coaching approach.
33:37 Beware promoting someone to your territory.
36:14 Questioning value and self-acceptance in business.
37:28 Embracing authenticity and overcoming imposter syndrome.
41:00 Acknowledging vulnerability, not for everyone, resonance.

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