Deliberate Calm

If we’re going to navigate this VUCA world, we have to know the critical difference between being in the Adaptive vs. the Familiar Zone. I love how this book reframes what it takes to be effective in our new normal of disruption!

Choose Your Story, Change Your Life

This book reminds us that we are hardwired to tell ourselves stories (and most are self-limiting and negative). Their job is to protect us. Learn how to identify them and rewrite them so you can craft a new and better future.

Decoding Greatness

I love the simplicity and practicality of this book. It has lessons we all can apply to help us be successful and maximize our impact.

Dare to Lead

I can’t get enough of this podcast and the incredible guests Brené has that are many of my professional heroes. For all things related to human, courageous leadership and workplaces, it’s a must listen!

Atlas of the Heart

This book is a GAME-CHANGER! It gives us adequate language to process and move through our emotions and experiences and foster meaningful connection.

Permission to Feel

This book provides a key blueprint for understanding our emotions and using them wisely so that they help, rather than hinder, our success and well-being.

Think Again

If we’re going to be effective, we must learn to rethink – questioning our opinions and opening other people’s minds. This book is mind-blowing and a must-read!

Boundary Boss

So many people struggle with setting boundaries. Yet, without healthy boundaries, we can’t live an authentic and fulfilled life. This book has been transformative for so many of my clients.

Loving What Is

I’m all about shifting self-limiting narrative, so I love this work! This book gives 4 powerful questions you can apply in the moment to reframe and see things in a new light.

Rising Strong

We WILL fall down many times in our lives. The key is being able to own our stories and get back up again. This book is a resiliency playbook to leverage setbacks as a path for growth.

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