Introducing: Elevate Your Leadership with Rana DeBoer

Rosie Ward, the host of "Show Up as a Leader," welcomes her dear friend Rana DeBoer, co-founder of Volt Strategy, to introduce the exhilarating new series, "Elevate Your Leadership."

Rana DeBoer transforms corporate cultures through a unique blend of behavioral science and business strategy. If you’re a leader looking to elevate your skills and build future-ready organizations fueled by excellence, tune in to learn how to propel your company forward into peak performance.

In this episode, Rosie and Rana highlight the critical elements of the "Peak Leader Model," a unique framework blending behavioral science with business strategy. Learn how being purpose-driven, energetically fulfilled, aware, action-oriented, and insatiably curious can significantly elevate your leadership skills. The conversation explores practical ways to enhance leadership capacity, achieve peak moments, and leverage energy rituals for sustained performance.

Key Takeaways

  • The power of flipping the playing field in leadership
  • Understanding and leveraging the Peak Leader Model
  • The significance of energy capacity and renewal for leaders
  • Incorporating rituals for sustained performance
  • How creativity drives results and leadership impact

Things to Listen For:

00:00 Professional collaboration leads to exciting content launch.
06:18 Thirst for knowledge leads to impactful growth.
08:34 Embracing creativity and intentional leadership for everyone.
12:49 Excited to add dynamite series to show.
14:34 Encouraging LinkedIn follow for additional insights and resources.

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