Energy, Connection & Courage at Work with Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson

In our ever-evolving business landscape, organizations and teams are facing misalignment, burnout, friction, ineffective communication, drama, toxicity, and high turnover unlike ever before. Energy, Connection, and Courage is a NEW series created to address three concepts that have emerged as the cornerstone for achieving excellence: Energy, Connection, and Courage. Hosts Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson of Vidl Work are passionate about championing change in your workplace, challenging your perspective, and equipping you with tools to unlock the full potential of your organization (and your life!). Listen to the WHY for creating this series and what you can expect from episodes.

Key Takeaways

✨ Energy: By being aware of our own energy and cultivating a supportive environment, we can boost motivation, productivity, and overall team effectiveness.

✨  Connection: Building strong connections amongst team members is crucial for fostering collaboration, enhancing communication and building meaningful relationships.

✨ Courage: To fully thrive as leaders, we must cultivate bravery, take risks, and inspire others to follow suit as it will ultimately drive innovation and growth.

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