Leadership and Energy Bodies

Leadership and Energy Bodies with Chris Johnson

In this episode, Chris Johnson delves into the topic of energy management and its crucial role in leadership. Drawing from the experiences of renowned leaders like Helena Helmerson and Jacinda Ardhurn, Dr. Johnson explores the impact of energy on leadership effectiveness and provides insights into how leaders can optimize their energy to positively influence their teams and organizations.

The Leadership Pause series unpacks what it means to be fully human and access the best of who we are as leaders. Chris gives a deliberate practice that we can try on at the end and apply so that we can show up as more embodied learners and leaders in our lives. Take a listen.

Key Takeaways

  • Leadership and Energy BodiesTaking charge of personal energy and orchestrating the energy of others
  • Impact of unaddressed stress on life energy
  • Balancing energy for optimal performance
  • Understanding the human body as an energy vessel
  • Impact of energy on everyday experiences


The Leadership Pause: Sharpen Your Attention, Deepen Your Presence, and Navigate the Future by Chris Johnson

Your future success depends upon your ability to pause. We’re all navigating new realities.

The Leadership Pause is for anyone looking to deepen their impact on the lives around them, leave a profound mark on their organizations, and build a legacy of intentional focus, pragmatic ambition, grounded compassion, and empathy-in-action.

In it, you’ll find a step-by-step process to expand and amplify your influence as a conscious leader – mindful, embodied, generative – that will result in you skillfully navigating through the chaos and uncertainty.

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