Leading with the Heart with Rebecca Metter

Focusing on what is going well is a beautiful way to remind people of their ‘why’ - what is it that drew them to their profession in the first place. That’s the driving concept behind Wambi, an employee recognition platform for the healthcare industry. Wambi is a deeply emotional company and that’s why CEO Rebecca Metter is dedicated to leading it with heart. In this episode, Rebecca talks about the importance of showing your human side as a leader. Along the way, you’ll learn different ways to connect with your team and why love is an essential business principle.

Guest Info

Rebecca Metter, CEO & Co-Founder - Wambi, LLC

Rebecca’s life’s work has been finding ways to prioritize and improve human connection.  As CEO of Wambi, Rebecca realizes her mission by transforming Wambi from an in-house solution to a national offering across hospitals, health systems, and home care settings as a means to improve human experience in healthcare.

Rebecca’s background includes experience in sales, technology, and law. She spent eight years at LexisNexis, serving a variety of roles, which culminated in leading Sales for its Managed Technology Services division. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude from New York University and a Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Law.


 Guest Resources

Wambi on YouTube - learn more about Rebecca's company and the difference Wambi is making.

Moments That Move Us - Check out Rebecca's new podcast where she features healthcare leaders sharing transformative stories about impactful moments of human connection.

Moments That Move Us YouTube Channel - if video is your preferred medium, check out Rebecca's podcast YouTube channel.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

- When in doubt, go back to your ‘why’
- A leader’s number one job is to connect with their team
- Turn up, be present, tell your truth, and let go of the outcome

What to listen for:

[01:23] The story behind Wambi
[04:19] Getting people back to their ‘why’
[06:28] In the mundane lies the exceptional
[08:24] Leading in a fully present, authentic way
[11:51] Love as a business principle
[13:10] A leader’s number one job
[14:15] Preserving culture during the pandemic
[18:58] Why leaders should tap into the depths of who they are
[23:44] Rebecca’s self-limiting story
[28:43] Looking at failure as an opportunity
[32:35] Quick questions with Rebecca
[35:46] Rebecca’s challenge to other leaders


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