Leaning into Discomfort as a Catalyst for Change with Stacey Ruth

Putting your head down and muscling through imposter syndrome does not solve the core issue and threatens to set your growth back. Stacey Ruth, Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Leader and best-selling author, teaches leaders to lean into discomfort and embrace their intuition. She knows the cost of letting the negative stories tell yourself can come at far too high a price. In this episode, Stacey shares how she recognized her imposter syndrome and confronts it daily. Listen in to discover the joys—and discomforts—of being fully present on your journey and leveling up your intuition.

Guest Info

Stacy Ruth, Founder & CEO - Unstoppable Leader

Stacey Ruth is unstoppable. She founded two multimillion-dollar agencies, has been among the Top 50 Entrepreneurs Under 50 in Atlanta, and twice awarded Top 100 “It” Agencies by Experiential Marketer.

As a novice entrepreneur, however, she faced nearly every business challenge possible – including her own battle with imposter syndrome which threatened her health, and infected her organization. Today she is a passionate advocate for women leaders claiming their own seat at the table they design for themselves.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • You can combat Imposter syndrome through gratitude
  • Even when you think you know what will happen, you don’t
  • The stories you tell about yourself matter

What to listen for:

[06:12] The core of imposter syndrome

[10:40] Feelings of doubt aren’t only in your head

[17:54] Leaning into discomfort

[19:20] Celebrating with gratitude

[31:59] The four levels of decision making

[39:21] Ego has emotion, intuition doesn’t

[43:25] Quick questions with Stacey

[47:45] Stacey’s challenge to leaders for making a more human workplace


Additional Resources

Check out Stacey’s Book: tinyurl.com/InsideOutSmart

Learn more about The Unstoppable Leader: www.Unstoppable-Leader.com

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