Living a Life of “And” with Tiffany Sauder

Tiffany Sauder is the epitome of authenticity and excellence. She wears a lot of hats – wife, mom of four, President and CEO of Element Three, board member, podcaster for her podcast, Scared Confident, and the list goes on. Through it all, Tiffany models what it means to be a courageously vulnerable leader. Because as you’ll hear her share, it’s our scars, rather than our accomplishments, that bring us closest to others. Listen to the full episode to hear Tiffany discuss living a life of “and,” her journey through fear, and the importance of failing out loud as a leader.

Guest Info

Tiffany Sauder, President + CEO - Element Three

Tiffany Sauder is the CEO of Element Three, a full-service marketing consultancy in Indianapolis. She is also the owner of Share Your Genius, investor, board member, wife, and mom to four daughters. You can hear her explore this life of "and" on her podcast, Scared Confident.





 Guest Resources

Scared Confident - Check out Tiffany's podcast - a show that seeks to honestly examine the vulnerable realities of a life with many roles. This is an unpolished space to learn what it means to face our fear and live life scared confident.

Element Three - learn more about Tiffany's company and how they transform brands and generate demand.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

- Choose your “ands” intentionally
- Recognize your wins and learnings
- Vulnerability means asking hard questions and being present for the answers

What to listen for:

[01:30] Journeying through fear
[05:00] Intentionally choosing your “ands”
[08:30] Building a foundation before adding more “ands”
[09:30] How growth at work benefits the rest of your life
[13:30] Making it safe to fail
[17:00] Why people care more about your scars than your accolades
[19:30] Showing up agenda-less
[22:00] Asking vulnerable questions
[25:00] Tiffany’s self-limiting stories
[28:00] Quick questions with Tiffany
[29:45] Tiffany’s challenge to leaders for making a more human workplace


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