Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs with Jeff Eschliman

Jeff Eschliman is a remarkable individual whose life story is grounded in personal experiences. He often compares his life to spinning plates as he juggles multiple roles: a dedicated corporate executive, a loving husband, and a committed father. Before reaching the point of burnout, Jeff embarked on a transformative journey, seeking answers to profound questions about the meaning of life. His exploration led him to discover a profound desire for change. Rosie dives deep into the importance of self-reflection and creating space for it, while Jeff shares his journey of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and becoming a lifelong learner. Together, they explore the power of embracing our humanity and challenging societal narratives. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to show up as a leader in all aspects of your life. Join them for this insightful conversation!

Guest Info

Jeff Eschliman, Founder & CEO, Jeff Eschliman Consulting Group

Jeff Eschliman

Jeff Eschliman is an executive coach with 30 years of experience from combat in Iraq to the corporate boardroom. Personal development, consistency, and a tenacious work ethic are hallmarks of Jeff’s leadership style. Jeff communicates a crystal clear vision and bold expectations with his collaborative approach. He has led his organization to unprecedented results by building and scaling results-driven teams, creating culture through attracting top talent, intentional onboarding, and rigorous top-grading are critical for winning with people.

As a coach, he helps leaders find the same harmony in their lives by using his Life Harmony System. Through this system of careful planning and continual reflection, he slows down the chaos of modern life and leads leaders toward their true definition of success.

Show Notes

đź“ŤPrioritize Self-Reflection and Wellbeing:
Taking time to step back and evaluate our lives allows us to prioritize self-care, well-being, and personal growth.

📍 Intentional Leadership and the Power of Praise
By using the FBI feedback formula (feeling, behavior, impact), we can provide meaningful feedback that fosters growth and positivity.

📍 Balance and Prioritize with a One-Page Plan
By embracing consistency and creating a white space for reflection, we can achieve personal and professional growth.

Things to listen for:

[5:20] Love intentionally: implement business systems, be intentional.

[9:28] Plan, systems, deliberate practices, clarity to say no, behavioral guideposts.

[12:25] Challenge the thought, control your calendar.

[14:14] Taking care of yourself leads to success.

[18:07] Prioritizing harmony in metrics and workplace development.

[21:58] Various assessment tools used to measure stress indicators.

[22:46] Short check-ins prioritize wellbeing, support and delegate.

[28:19] Practice intentionality, reflect, course correct frequently.

[33:40] Intentional praise in public and privately.

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