Owning Your Leadership Style with Scott Ritzheimer

Every leader has their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why your team needs to be made up of people who balance each other out. Scott Ritzheimer is the CEO of Scale Architects, a company focused on helping businesses start, scale, and sustain their growth. A piece of the process is identifying the types of leaders in an organization to see where there might be gaps. In this episode, Scott breaks down four leadership styles and explains why each type has a role to play in a successful company. Listen in to learn what it takes to get your business ideas off the ground, across the finish line, and maintain growth.

Guest Info

Scott Ritzheimer, Founder & CEO - Scale Architects

Scott helped start nearly 20,000 new businesses and nonprofits and with his business partner started and led their multimillion-dollar business through an exceptional and extended growth phase (over 10 years of double-digit growth all before he turned 35.

He founded Scale Architects to help businesses across the country identify the right growth strategies and find the right guides to get them on the fast-track to Predictable Success and stay there as long as possible.


 Guest Resources

Synergist Leadership Style Quiz - you can follow this link to take the leadership style quiz for free that Scott mentions during the conversation.

Scale Architects- Check out Scott's company website where you can learn more about their services.



Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

- Own your leadership style, don’t let it own you
- Learn to adapt and evolve the way you show up in any given situation
- Figure out what type of leader your business is missing to achieve predictable success

What to listen for:

[02:18] The right leadership style for the right moment
[04:40] Characteristics of the visionary
[09:03] Characteristics of the operator
[14:24] Characteristics of the processor
[21:03] Characteristics of the synergist
[23:50] How to evolve your style for the better
[29:34] Scott’s self-limiting story
[32:46] Quick questions with Scott


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