Podcast: Tell Me Your Story-New Paradigms for a New World

I had a great conversation with Richard Dugan on his Tell Me Your Story radio show about how much our workplaces have changed with all that’s transpired in 2020 and how much lack of trust has not only eroded our workplaces, but our society. We talked about how rallying around a common dislike or hate is not true belonging. It’s essential that we lean into curiosity and listen to others who are different from us rather than asserting our “rightness;” we can’t be in service of and connected with others and be judging and “right” at the same time. We also talked about the power of paradigms and how that profoundly influences how we see things (and what it takes to shift our paradigms), and why and how we all can show up as a leader and lead and influence positive change to rehumanize our workplaces and communities.

Listen to the interview and would love to hear your thoughts!

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