Psychological Safety & Impression Management Are Crucial For Organizations

In this episode, Stephan Wiedner takes us on a profound exploration of impression management - how recognizing and addressing our internal dialogue is pivotal for personal growth and success, as we uncover the flaws, negativity, and self-sabotage often embedded in our formative years. Listen in to learn the detrimental impact of impression management on organizational time and energy, and gain valuable insights into the significance of addressing internal struggles before skill-building.

Guest Info

Stephan Wiedner, Co-Founder - Theravue and CEO - Zarango and

Stephan Wiedner is passionate about psychological safety and recognizes that poor psychological safety lay at the heart of many organizational problems. He is the Co-Founder of Theravue Inc., and CEO of Zarango, and

Stephan co-founded Noomii in 2007, bringing to the table a mixed set of skills and experience including business, technology, and coaching. With thousands of coaches in hundreds of cities, Noomii helps organizations equip their leaders and high potentials with tools required to navigate today's rapidly changing business environment.

Stephan is a graduate of the University of British Columbia Bachelor of Commerce program, having specialized in information systems. He acquired his coach training in 2006 from the CTI, the world's largest coach training school. In addition to his career, educational, and entrepreneurial pursuits, Stephan is a dedicated husband and father of two beautiful children.

Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Recognizing and addressing internal dialogue is crucial for personal growth and success
  • Creating new norms aligned with core values and reframing mistakes as learning opportunities fosters a psychologically safe environment
  • Create a safe space for people to lean into discomfort

[00:20] Psychological safety is crucial for leadership

[6:20] Internal dialogue shapes impression management, impacting lives

[7:39] Psychological safety: Create open, candid team environment

[10:59] Four player model improves communication in leadership

[15:59] Model behavior, expand range, elevate perspective, shine light

[23:55] Check in on people before tasks, breathe and listen

[28:55] Regular plan quarterly offsites, catching and correcting

[33:15] Grateful for rain, anxious about fire

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