Risk Taking, Innovation, and Leaving Your Comfort Zone with Caralyn Cooley

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Taking risks and forcing yourself to work outside your comfort zone is the best way to ensure your own personal and professional growth and your company's growth as a collective organization. In this episode, Caralyn Cooley, Chief People Officer with Bowery Farming, discusses her unconventional background and how she used it to enhance and inform the company culture at Bowery Farms. Listen in to learn why it is as equally essential to teach and develop your employees as it is to allow them to share their unique gifts and talents.

Guest Info

Caralyn Cooley, EVP & Chief People Officer - Bowery Farming

Caralyn leads the people team at Bowery Farming - the modern farming company reimagining a flavorful future. Caralyn and her team are focused on designing custom programs and experiences to strengthen the company's unique culture. Her previous experience spans multiple countries, company sizes, stages, and industries, including leadership roles in consumer products, e-commerce, aerospace and gaming.



Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Take risks and force yourself outside of your comfort zone to create irreplaceable opportunities for development
  • Listen to your employees and make them co-creators to create a culture based on humanness and authenticity
  • Focus on a few strong core company values and make them the cornerstones of your culture

What to listen for:

[02:51] Risk-taking as a personal and professional theme
[10:22] Learning and growth through uncomfortable experiences
[12:56] Using past experiences to enrich company culture
[18:58] Bringing values to life with a company podcast
[20:08] Being "kind to the core" through DEI and ERGs
[25:50] Achieving success through collective contributions
[29:54] The importance of learning and development
[35:41] Caralyn's self-limiting story
[38:46] Quick questions with Caralyn
[42:21] Caralyn's challenge to leaders to make a more human workplace


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