Episode title featuring a photo of Dr. Rosie Ward.

Rosie in My Pocket: Net Gain vs Net Drain of Energy

In this episode, Dr. Rosie Ward delves into the concept of energy management in personal and professional lives. She shares wisdom gained from her friend, Dr. Neha Sangwan's recent book, "Powered by Me." The focus is on identifying what gives us a 'net gain' of energy versus what causes a 'net drain’. This episode encourages the audience to assess the people and activities in their lives with a fresh perspective, challenging them to set boundaries and prioritize what truly energizes them.

Key Reflections:

Energy Management: Recognize who and what in your life adds to your energy and what depletes it.

Intentional Boundaries: Establish deliberate boundaries and make decisions that align with your core values.

Stress and Burnout: Notice patterns that lead to burnout and pivot towards habits that bring a net gain of energy.

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