Rosie In Your Pocket: Leading and Influencing Positive Change

Every day comes with new challenges. Sometimes they’re exciting and new, and sometimes they are heartbreaking and shake you to your core. This special episode is a one-on-one conversation between you and our host, Rosie Ward. It’s full of little nuggets of support and wisdom for handling change that you can put into action on a daily basis. As you listen, you’ll be inspired to take steps to lead and inspire change, because if not you, then who?

Guest Info

Rosie Ward, Ph.D., MPH, BCC, CEO - Salveo Partners 

Dr. Rosie Ward is an energetic, passionate, compassionate leader, consultant, coach, speaker and author who focuses on transformation from the inside out. Her mission started over 20 years ago when she experienced firsthand the ill effects of working in a toxic work environment and found her wellbeing eroding. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to find a solution so this experience is no longer the norm. She is sought after to help rehumanize workplaces so that people are freed, fueled and inspired to bring their best selves to work – and home – each day.

Rosie serves as CEO and co-founder of Salveo Partners, LLC, a consulting and professional training firm focused on equipping organizations to find success while putting people back at the forefront of their business. They focus on leveraging The Fusion (the inextricable interconnectedness of organizational and employee wellbeing) to help transform workplaces and support people in integrating their personal and professional lives. A fierce advocate for humanity, Rosie consults with organizations of all sizes and industries, coaches leaders to be more effective, develops a growing community of Paradigm Pioneers, and serves on the leadership team for the Twin Cities chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

Her first book, How to Build a Thriving Culture at Work: Featuring the 7 Points of Transformation, has served as a blueprint for hundreds of organizations to break past old, outdated paradigms and rehumanize their workplace. Rosie is honored to be among the founding authors of Conscious Capitalism Press for her latest book, Rehumanizing the Workplace: Future-proofing your organization while restoring hope, wellbeing and performance.

A lifelong learner, Rosie devotes herself to her own ongoing development and sharing her insights with others. In addition to having a Ph.D. and numerous coaching, assessment and program delivery certifications, Rosie was trained by Dr. Brené Brown as a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. She is often referred to as a “Ph.D. with a personality” and is known for challenging and inspiring people to think differently about what it takes to become the best version of themselves and for organizations to foster their growth and development. She has an incredible gift for taking complex ideas about culture, leadership, behavior change, and what it means to be human and synthesizing them in a way that makes them relevant, understandable, and meaningful for people.


Guest Resources

Rehumanizing the Workplace by Rosie Ward and Jon Robison

Imagine a world where everyone can come to work as their authentically human, best selves. They feel fulfilled, supported, and cared for and have meaningful, purposeful work. At the end of the workday, they are able to bring their best selves home, be fully present with their loved ones, tend to their well-being, and replenish their well. Rosie's latest book highlights how successful companies are thriving by putting people first. It details five key principles essential for rehumanizing workplaces; a framework to help restore hope, well-being, and performance; and tangible actions anyone can take to show up as a leader and influence positive change.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

- Being self-aware is the first step on the path to change

- Not taking action is risker than doing so and it not being perfect

- We all have the ability to lead and inspire change

What to listen for:

[01:18] Processing constant and significant change
[03:16] Maximizing our positive impact
[05:13] Shifting your mindset to drive better behavior
[08:45] The importance of self-awareness
[09:56] Leading and influencing positive change
[12:16] The risk of not taking action


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