The Secret to a Deeper Connection with Leah Roe

After Leah Roe, Founder of The Perk, was unexpectedly laid off while on maternity leave, she took a chance and faced the challenge head-on. She swapped a career in finance for the world of human development, helping organizations create more human workplaces by nurturing their leadership and cultures. In this episode, Leah talks about her journey from CPA to Leadership Coach and Organizational Trust Expert and explains how she applies her wealth of experience and insight to any conversation. Listen in to hear what you can do to become a better listener and improve connections and cultivate a more empathetic environment at work and in your personal life.

Guest Info

Leah Roe, Founder - The Perk

Leah Roe is the Founder of The Perk, a premier Leadership & Team Coaching Training & Development studio.
Leah is a Leadership Coach, Organizational Trust Expert, & Culture Consultant. Leah and her team help organizations take their culture & team performance to the next level in a psychologically safe, FUN & HIGHLY effective way.

Prior to taking the leap to become an entrepreneur & actualize her dream of starting The Perk, Leah was the VP of People Ops & Culture at a remote-first Health IT company.

She is proud to be a Certified Life & Leadership Coach through the Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC), & a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. She is also the Founder of the non-profit, Culture Community.

Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Hone your active listening skills to ensure deeper relationships and more empathetic connections
  • Use a human-centered approach to focus on self-care for better mental health empowerment at work
  • Try using the power of curiosity and trust-building to ignite a collaborative dynamic amongst your team

What to listen for:

[01:59] Why humanness is so important

[13:41] Understanding the power of curiosity

[16:45] Changing how you listen

[26:39] The anatomy of trust and non-judgment

[33:12] Leah’s self-limiting story

[35:45] Quick questions with Leah

[39:28] Leah’s challenge to leaders for making a more human workplace

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