Self-Leadership in an Era of Constant Change with Rom LaPointe

Rom LaPointe, Founder and CEO of Capricorn Leadership, found himself in leadership roles he never expected to be in and learned the hard way that success means taking care of yourself as well as your team. He realized change management, understanding your team’s needs, and a clear delegation of priorities are the keys to making the journey smoother. In this episode, hear how Rom encourages his team to take care of themselves and why asking questions is sometimes better than giving answers. He believes autonomy is essential for teams to reach their goals and stay healthy. Listen in to hear Rom’s insights on creating healthy habits and how this supports well-being and encourages leaders to prioritize self-care for themselves and their teams.

Guest Info

Rom LaPointe, Founder & CEO - Capricorn Leadership

Rom LaPointe is an executive coach and founder and CEO of Capricorn Leadership. He serves as a business coach and advisor to CEOs, leadership teams and boards. His proven process of strategic thinking, execution planning, and leadership development helps CEOs get from vision to results.

Having served as the CEO of ten privately held companies, Rom brings a unique perspective to the coaching he provides for business leaders and their teams. Rom is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a global network of 15,000 leading entrepreneurs focused on personal and business growth. He has served in many leadership roles in EO and is currently the Global Leadership Committee Chair.

More information about Rom and his company is available at his website,

Rom and his terrific wife, Kerry, have been married since 1994. They are the proud parents of four lucky children: Ben, Maggie, Rose, and Tyler.


Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Take self-care seriously to be able to lead your team by example
  • Be committed to your goals to take on change management effectively
  • If you plan your resources thoughtfully, you significantly increase your chances of reaching your maximum potential

What to listen for:

[05:49] Supporting the recovery that everyone needs

[11:49] How to connect and call others to greatness

[20:50] The value of a changing business

[24:13] Why a team’s core message needs to be repeated constantly

[30:10] Rom’s self-limiting story

[33:10] Quick questions with Rom

[36:21] Rom’s challenge to leaders for making a more human workplace


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