Being a Destination Employer: From Lip Service to Reality with Jason Ells

Jason Ells, the Senior Vice President at Custom Concrete, is passionate about creating a culture of purpose and well-being in a traditional blue-collar industry. He believes that by developing an environment where people know the company has their back, employees will be more likely to pour into the organization. In this episode, Jason shares how he’s made Custom Concrete a destination employer by encouraging employees to dream and helping them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Listen in to learn how he helps leaders equip their people to understand how they fit into the bigger picture so they can reach goals together.

The Power in the Pivot with Andrea Butcher

Does it feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to achieve your vision, find clarity, and maximize your impact? Andrea Butcher, CEO of HRD and podcast host of Being at Work, says the solution is to go big picture. In this episode, she shares her four-step visioning process and discusses the importance of knowing exactly what you’re working toward. Listen in to hear how to go from reacting to challenges and responding to them instead within the context of your goals.

Making Peace with Our 10-Year-Old Selves

This is me at age around age 12…basically the same age as my son is today. This girl (like most kids at this age) struggled with not feeling enough, wanting to belong and be liked, feeling like an imposter, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and desperately trying to prove herself hoping that would...

Leading with Clarity and Discernment with Bessi Graham

Bessi Graham is a leadership coach and award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience helping businesses bring clarity and alignment to their organizations. In this episode, Bessi shares the secret to achieving internal balance, and it starts with learning how to be a discerning leader. Bessi specializes in helping people understand and lead themselves before leading others. She believes that taking the time to pause and reflect is key to making effective decisions and having a positive impact. Listen in to learn why her best piece of leadership advice is to push back against action bias and instead pause to sharpen your axe.

Designing Organizations to be Adaptive to Change with Brandi Olson

When important work is at stake, the only place it will get done is in reality, not in your head. So how do you take your big ideas and new initiatives and get them off the paper and fully implemented? Leadership coach and author, Brandi Olson, says the secret lies in effective prioritization and maximizing how value flows through your organization. In this episode, Brandi shares how she helps companies design their teams so they can get the right work done faster and better. Listen in for an in-depth discussion on adapting to change and understanding how to make room for focused work.

Celebrating Your Vulnerability as a Leader with Emilia D’Anzica & Sabina Pons

Many people think good leadership leaves no room for vulnerability. But in reality, the right level of empathy and humanness makes a workplace safe and inclusive. In this episode,  Emilia D’Anzica and  Sabina Pons, Co-Founders of Growth Molecules, discuss the importance of nurturing our authenticity and taking care of ourselves while working in a highly competitive environment. Listen to learn how to maintain an authentically friendly but firm presence through the experiences of two successful leaders, authors, and mothers.

Humans First, Employees Second with Gianna Driver

Diversity is key to the success of the organization. It fuels creativity and innovation by merging different perspectives and experiences. But empowering all members of the organization to embrace their whole authentic selves can be tricky if leaders don’t listen to their struggles and concerns. Amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and minorities can help the human power of a business reach its fullest potential. In this episode, Brian McComak, Founder and CEO of Hummingbird Humanity, breaks down the benefits of taking feedback when leading an organization with humanness. Tune in to learn more about how promoting a healthy dialogue can create a better environment for people to succeed.

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