Inspirational. Engaging. Authentic.

Some people refer to me as a “PhD with Personality” because I’m energetic, passionate, and I can turn any gathering into a dance party - even virtual gatherings!


Whether I’m delivering a virtual workshop, keynote address or a multi-day workshop, I invite people to challenge their assumptions, embrace some discomfort, re-imagine and begin to pave the path to a different future where we can all show up as fully human leaders.

If you want butterflies and rainbows, I’m probably not a good fit for you.

But if you want substance, authenticity, emotion, critical thinking, and a sustainable path forward, I’d love to chat more. I interweave research with stories and reflection questions to foster moments of insight for people so they can walk away with a concrete next step for making a positive impact at work and at home. Nothing lights me up more than seeing people have new insights they can apply to get out of their own way and call themselves and others to greatness.

What will happen if you want me to speak

  1. We’ll set up a call to discuss your goals and determine if I’m a good fit for what you’re wanting to accomplish. Then we’ll align on content and deliverables and will get a contract in place.
  2. I’ll get to work crafting the content and my message; rest assured that it will be real-time, so any changes in your goals will be accommodated.
  3. I’ll handle travel and will partner with you for whatever is easiest regarding hotel accommodations.
  4. On the day of the event, my goal is that people go beyond being inspired. I want them thinking about themselves and how they want to show up differently in their lives. I want people to walk away energized with practical, actionable next steps they can apply immediately.

*In our age of physical distancing and honoring social solidarity due to COVID-19, I'm happy to connect with you about ways to leverage technology like Zoom to create an engaging, meaningful virtual experience.

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Popular Speaking Topics

  • Stepping Into Your Greatness to Influence Positive Change
  • Showing Up as a Leader in Your Life
  • From Safe & Small to Courageous & Impactful
  • Rehumanizing Workplaces and Communities
  • Building a Braver World
  • Permission to be HUMAN
  • Increasing Trust, Connectedness and Strengthening Teams