Spiritual Energy with Rebecca and Natalie

Spiritual Energy with Rebecca and Natalie

Rebecca and Natalie Johnson from Vidl Work discuss the importance of spiritual energy to find purpose and how it impacts our ability to function at our best in the workplace and at home. Natalie shares a powerful story of how she discovered her purpose during a busy and stressful time in her life, while Rebecca discusses the significance of purpose in steering our energy in the right direction. The episode offers practical insights and a "one big thing" for listeners to consider, along with some lighthearted personal revelations from the hosts. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of purpose and its transformative influence on our leadership and personal life.

Key Takeaways

Best Self Vision: Reflect on your ideal version and the top three descriptive words that stand out about how you lead in life and at work.

Purpose-driven Courage: Embracing purpose can help us make courageous choices, even when facing fears and anxieties.

Directional Energy: Purpose serves as a rudder, steering our energy in the right places and improving its quality.

Things to listen for:

[4:41] Realization of not living with purpose.

[6:46] Identify purpose as North Star for energy.

[10:47] Recognized need for change, overcame fear.

[14:04] Identify best self vision, three key words.

[16:24] Unexpected piano recital, mistaken audience, embarrassing finale.

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