For the summer, we’re shifting gears from our regular format to do a mini book club!

Instead of having my podcast go on a vacation for the summer I’m hosting a mini book club!  Every 2 weeks ,I will provide insight on the book I’m reading , discuss the premise of the book, and offer some guidelines and questions for you to follow along. You can engage with me and others while reading the book via the brand new Dr.Rosie Slack community!

Over the summer as you face new challenges, and think on some old ones, I welcome you to leave a voice mail with a comment,  question, or just share your thoughts via my toll free voice mail! You could be featured on the end of summer Ask Me Anything episode of Show Up As A Leader!  

Simply leave a message with your name and question for me at: 877-373-6850, extension 1.

Join the Dr. Rosie Ward Slack Community!

We’ve created a space for the Dr. Rosie Community to get together and share stories, inspiration, and ask questions!

What sort of content is covered in the Dr. Rosie Slack channel that’s not in the podcasts or website?

  • Strategies and tips for Showing Up as A Leader
  • Engage and support others on their leadership journey
  • Ask questions directly to Dr. Rosie 
  • Offer your feedback and ideas for future podcasts, blogs, or events!
  • Tips from Dr. Rosie herself, not offered on other social media platforms.

Please review the Community Guidelines for our Slack channel.

  1. Act appropriately towards other members. This Slack group is a diverse community of humans focused on stepping into greatness in a variety of ways. If what you’re about to say might offend, take the time and care to step into it from a humble, vulnerable, and honest place. We have zero tolerance for sexism, racism, ageism, bullying, stalking, etc.
  2. Do not self-promote outside of the #introduce-yourself channel. We expect you to talk about your lives, and this will sometimes mean talking about situations in your work — but we also expect you to know the difference between describing what you do in a conversation and selling your services. Please save the latter for #introduce-yourself
  3. I want to put my energy into helping people in my life step into greatness. I don’t want to put my energy into writing rules for online communities and moderating comments. Please help me with this by owning your role as a leader in shaping this as a positive, supportive, and energetic community where people are eager to share and free to be vulnerable.


Now's your chance to ask me anything!

We are planning for another Ask Me Anything episode at the end of summer where I take your questions and share my thoughts. This time, YOU get to be part of the episode. Simply leave a message with your name and question for me at: 877-373-6850, extension 1.