Balancing Accountability and Compassion in Leadership with Jeff Fortner

Jeff Fortner, Clinical and HR Director at Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants, joins host Rosie Ward to discuss the power of living authentically and leading with vulnerability. Jeff, coming from a multicultural, multinational family with five kids, three of whom are adopted, shares his heartwarming journey and the lessons he's learned along the way. Rosie emphasizes the importance of authenticity and the need for leaders to humanize themselves through difficult conversations.

In this episode, Jeff delves into his self-limiting story of transitioning into a new role in healthcare without a clinical background, highlighting how he overcame challenges by seeking feedback and understanding from his team.

Jeff shares practical advice on transparency and the significance of face-to-face contact with employees. He stresses the need to provide different avenues for team feedback and the importance of circling back to it, ensuring intentional action is taken.

The episode wraps up with candid insights and heartfelt experiences from Jeff, underscoring the key takeaway that showing up as a decent human being is foundational to effective leadership.

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