Calling Others to Greatness with pictures of Dr. Rosie Ward and Nikki Lewallen Gregory

Courageous Leadership Series: Calling Others to Greatness

In this special bonus episode, host Rosie Ward is joined by friend, fellow podcaster, and Founder and Chief Meaningful Work Officer at the PeopleForward Network, Nikki Lewallen Gregory, for a conversation around courageous leadership. They discuss the importance of mindset shifts, the dangers of taking responsibility for others' outcomes, and common mistakes leaders make when trying to inspire greatness. Tune in as Rosie Ward and Nikki shares their insights and experiences on how to effectively call others to their own path of greatness. Get ready for a conversation filled with valuable nuggets that can transform your leadership approach.

Breaking Barriers and Defying Stereotypes with Elinor Stutz

Elinor Stutz has defied stereotypes and shattered barriers in sales. During their conversation, Rosie explores the impact of early childhood experiences and the importance of recognizing and understanding the origins of our drive or limitations. Together, they dive into rehumanizing workplaces and the negative impact of poor treatment in corporate America. Rosie and Elinor explore strategies and practices for leveraging personal challenges to uplift others and create positive change in the workplace.

Bridging the Gap for Effective Leadership in the Workplace with Ophelia Byers

In this episode, Rosie discusses the inner game of leadership with Ophelia Byers, CNO of Atlantic Health System and Founder & Principal of SitchRoom LLC. Together, they talk through self-awareness and owning emotions and limitations for effective leadership, aligning intentions and impact, prioritizing on-the-job growth, and supporting employees in applying their learnings. Check out this episode to understand the need for and significance of clear expectations, shared mental models, and relationship-based leadership.

Build Your Own Yellow Brick Road

When’s the last time you let yourself dream big – I mean really dream? I’m not talking about having a moment where you wish for something more but then just as quickly short-circuit it with dismissive thoughts. I’m talking about holding space to let yourself really envision a bigger, brighter future. In his book, The...

What Dr. Seuss Can Teach Us About Leadership

Usually when we think about Dr. Seuss, what comes to mind are children’s books, bright colored characters with silly names, and lots of rhyming. And while these all are true, it turns out that when we look a little closer, there are incredible lessons to be learned about leadership. Leadership never has been – and...

Finding a Courageous Path Forward When Life is Hard

Let’s face it, life can be REALLY challenging and hard at times: Parenting is hard. Dealing with aging parents is hard. Creating harmony between our personal and professional lives can be hard. Navigating the constant disruption in our world is hard. Even asking for and accepting help can be hard. So what do you do...

Rosie in My Pocket: Enoughness

In this episode, Rosie delves into the common feeling of "not enoughness" many of us experience. She shares how this feeling stems from our younger selves taking over our present-day thoughts and how we can combat it by reminding ourselves that we are enough. Rosie emphasizes the importance of overcoming harmful narratives that make us show up small and self-protected.

Rosie in My Pocket: Outward Mindset

Although we may not intentionally prioritize ourselves over others, the demands of life and work can sometimes cause us to develop a self-centered approach without realizing it. This inward mindset is a common issue for teams and can lead to various challenges. When leaders operate with an inward mindset, it reduces their positive impact and hinders their ability to lead effectively. In contrast, adopting an outward mindset can bring numerous benefits to ourselves and those around us. In this podcast, Rosie Ward explains the advantages of shifting our perspective and embracing an outward mindset.

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