The Portal to Perspective: Working with Triggers with Chris Johnson

In this episode, Dr. Chris offers key strategies for managing triggers and enhancing leadership presence. She delves into how leaders can reframe their view of stress, face triggers, and utilize them to foster growth and adaptability. Chris, renowned executive leadership coach, psychologist, and consultant shares practices to help leaders not only be more self-aware but also adept at navigating the complexities of modern organizational landscapes.

Unearth Your Purpose

Go Mining: Unearth Your Purpose with Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, author of "The Leadership Pause" and the owner of Q4-Consulting, is a renowned executive leadership coach, psychologist, and consultant. She explores the transformative power of pausing, reflecting, and discovering one's unique purpose. Emphasizing the importance of aligning purpose with personal values and motivations, she provides a thought-provoking practice for listeners to engage in introspection. Through this insightful discussion, Chris guides us to explore our purpose as leaders and fully authentic individuals in this episode.

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