Rosie in My Pocket: Helping & Fixing vs. Serving

The impact of our word choices is profound. With years of experience guiding clients and colleagues, Rosie shares her insights into the crucial distinction between helping, fixing, and serving.

Learn why helping can unintentionally position others as weak and fixing can make them feel broken.

Through Rosie's nuanced discussion, leaders will discover how shifting towards a mindset of service allows them to see others—and themselves—as whole and complete.

Challenge yourself when using helping or fixing language by replacing it with words of service. This kind of transformative language can lead to significant changes in how we interact with others, fostering a more empowering and supportive leadership style.

Learn how adopting a service-oriented approach can amplify your leadership impact.

Lead Different Podcast: Premier Episode

My dear friend, Dan Dominguez, recently launched his Lead Different Podcast. So when he asked me to be his first guest to launch it, of course I said, “WHY Not!” He has been an avid supporter of our work and is so gracious about the transformative impact our Courageous Leadership Program had on him. We...

David Gorsage

Cultivating the Extraordinary Leader Within with David Gorsage

Striving for 'good to great' isn't enough in our rapidly evolving world. In this episode, David Gorsage and Rosie Ward delve into the incremental steps you can take to become extraordinary. David shares his perspective on elevating unique team member abilities, the importance of one-on-one meetings, and the impact of communication on leadership effectiveness. David gives a lot of great tangible things we can do incrementally to get rid of what he calls our head trash and to start to show up as extraordinary.

RIMP Not Foreboding Joy

Rosie in My Pocket: Not Foreboding Joy

Rosie Ward shares her insights on the value of intentionally leaning into gratitude as a remedy for foreboding joy. She delves into the vulnerability of experiencing joy and how we sometimes hold back from fully embracing it, fearing potential future disappointments. She invites us to notice where we may be foreboding joy in our own lives and challenges us to express gratitude as a way to lean into and feel the joy more fully. Rosie's message is a reminder to actively practice gratitude and allow ourselves to embrace joy, ultimately letting our sparkle shine. Join us on this journey of learning and inspiration as we explore her teachings on leadership and living a fulfilled life.

Moving Beyond Fear in Leadership and Life with Ryane LeCesne

Moving Beyond Fear in Leadership and Life with Ryane LeCesne

Ryane LeCesne helps us move beyond fear in leadership and life by recognizing the critical impact of internal dialogues and advocates for nurturing kindness within oneself. She understands that the way people communicate with themselves can be a matter of profound existential significance, shaping the entire landscape of their inner experiences. She joins Rosie to guide us through the maze of reprogramming our brains for a healthier inner dialogue and emotional processing. They'll share poignant personal stories and reveal how they tackle the self-limiting narratives that high achievers often contend with. They'll also unravel the strategies for cultivating courage in the presence of fear, the significance of self-awareness, and the immeasurable value of sitting with our emotions. So, tune in as we learn to silence the noise of doubt and step into the spotlight of clarity, courage, and confidence.

Calling Others to Greatness with pictures of Dr. Rosie Ward and Nikki Lewallen Gregory

Courageous Leadership Series: Calling Others to Greatness

In this special bonus episode, host Rosie Ward is joined by friend, fellow podcaster, and Founder and Chief Meaningful Work Officer at the PeopleForward Network, Nikki Lewallen Gregory, for a conversation around courageous leadership. They discuss the importance of mindset shifts, the dangers of taking responsibility for others' outcomes, and common mistakes leaders make when trying to inspire greatness. Tune in as Rosie Ward and Nikki shares their insights and experiences on how to effectively call others to their own path of greatness. Get ready for a conversation filled with valuable nuggets that can transform your leadership approach.

Rosie in My Pocket: Scarcity to Abundance

In this episode, Rosie delves into the transformative power of shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. Inspired by the wisdom of Lin Twist, author of "The Soul of Money," Rosie shares how often our thoughts fixate on not having enough—time, money, love, or even feelings of inadequacy. Instead, let's focus on the belief that we have enough while striving to become better versions of ourselves. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Rosie in My Pocket: Reframing Limited Thinking

In this heartfelt episode, Rosie shares a powerful life and leadership lesson from a conversation with her son, Peyton. Tune in as Rosie guides Peyton towards a mindset shift, encouraging him to focus on gratitude and cherishing the present moment rather than being paralyzed by fear and anxiety. This reflection prompts Rosie to explore how often we fall into self-limiting stories that lead to worry and anxiousness, preventing us from fully embracing life.

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