Rosie in My Pocket: 2 Word Check-in

It is so important to check in genuinely with others and address their emotional needs. Often, we default to generic responses when asked how we're feeling. By authentically checking in and allowing people to express themselves, we fulfill their core human need of being heard, seen, and valued. This episode explores the "two-word check-in" as a practice of sharing emotions concisely. Listen in to discover the power of meaningful check-ins, authentic communication, and the addition of joy to one's day.

Rosie in My Pocket: Enoughness

In this episode, Rosie delves into the common feeling of "not enoughness" many of us experience. She shares how this feeling stems from our younger selves taking over our present-day thoughts and how we can combat it by reminding ourselves that we are enough. Rosie emphasizes the importance of overcoming harmful narratives that make us show up small and self-protected.

Rosie in My Pocket: Outward Mindset

Although we may not intentionally prioritize ourselves over others, the demands of life and work can sometimes cause us to develop a self-centered approach without realizing it. This inward mindset is a common issue for teams and can lead to various challenges. When leaders operate with an inward mindset, it reduces their positive impact and hinders their ability to lead effectively. In contrast, adopting an outward mindset can bring numerous benefits to ourselves and those around us. In this podcast, Rosie Ward explains the advantages of shifting our perspective and embracing an outward mindset.

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