Christie Garcia

Transforming Ego into Strength with Christie Garcia

Christie Garcia is a passionate and introspective thought leader whose journey began with a deep dive into the intricacies of the human ego. Recognizing the reactive and emotionally charged nature of modern life, Christie became fascinated by the unintentional behaviors, mindsets, and beliefs often unknowingly cultivated within individuals and organizations. Her curiosity was first sparked by a personal exploration of her own ego, which led to a broader understanding that these patterns were not only typical but a fundamental aspect of societal and business structures.

In this episode, Rosie and Christie discuss the imperative of showing up fully and authentically, not just for ourselves, but to create a positive ripple effect in our world. They highlight the significance of owning our actions as a pathway to a more human workplace and delve into the three ego types that Christie identifies – the complier, the protector, and the controller. If not balanced, each of these can transform from strengths to detrimental behaviors in leadership. Let’s get started!

Reconnecting with Purpose to Fall Back in Love with Your Work with Julie Perkins

Julie Perkins is a passionate and resilient entrepreneur who learned valuable lessons from her past failures. She began her career at a young age, launching a brand in the Netherlands with high hopes and expectations. However, despite careful planning, the venture faced significant challenges and struggled to gain momentum. While the journey did not unfold as expected, Julie's experiences taught her valuable lessons in resilience and adaptability which she shares in her latest conversation with Rosie Ward. Together, they explore the essential role of cohesive teams, celebrating shared successes, and the pitfalls of holding onto tasks that no longer align with our passion and values. They also tackle the issue of founders and leaders facing an existential crisis when caught up in the growth of their companies. Stay tuned for an enlightening and inspiring conversation!

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