The Leaders We Deserve with Chad Peterman

How do you incentivize people to join your organization? Businesses that prioritize education and development are the most successful in attracting good people to be great employees. In this episode, Chad Peterman, President and Co-Owner of Peterman Brothers, pulls back the curtain on corporate training. He shares his thoughts on the purpose of creating a workplace where everyone can go as far as their dreams can take them. Listen to hear his perspective on treating development as an investment, not a cost, and how the first step to change is looking inward.

Guest Info

Chad Peterman, President & Co-Founder - Peterman Brothers

Chad Peterman is the President and Co- Founder of Peterman Brothers. Under the leadership of Chad and his brother Tyler, Peterman has grown to a company of over 500 employees serving the Indianapolis, Lafayette, Muncie, Bloomington, Columbus, & Fort Wayne, Indiana markets.

Chad has written two books, with his most recent being “Can’t Stop the Growth: How to Build a Culture That Takes Care of Your Customers.” He also hosts the podcast “You Can’t Stop the Growth.”



Show Notes

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Employees’ well-being and drive should be a priority
  • You can’t lead anyone until you’re able to lead yourself
  • Support your team instead of commanding them

What to listen for:

[03:01] Investing in your own people

[06:09] How to develop a skill set to flourish in trade

[12:10] Chad’s approach to leadership culture

[15:36] Turning work into a safe space

[18:12] How to find common ground with employees

[20:31] The need for giving up complete control

[25:20] Removing obstacles to learning skills

[30:54] Quick questions with Chad

[35:04] Chad’s challenge to leaders for making a more human workplace


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