The Leadership Pause

with Dr. Chris Johnson, PsyD of Q4-Consulting, Inc.

A call to action for all leaders—new and seasoned professionals alike—to take on the crucial practice of pausing.

The Leadership Pause with Dr. Chris Johnson

Conscious leaders are mindful of themselves and the world around them, embodied with an ethic of care, courage, skillful action, and generative in creating the future rather than simply reacting to complexities out of fear.

Conscious leadership starts with self-awareness and enough courage to start a shift—first within yourself, then by sharing your perspective, and then leading by example. The Leadership Pause will stimulate your curiosity and engage your head, heart, and hara as you explore embodied learning as an essential shortcut to revolutionize your team and your growth as a leader. It’s an inside job, and it starts with you.

Episodes will explore the power of paying attention, the neurobiology of learning and change and cultivating cultures and teams to grow, why 360° awareness is a shortcut you can use, authenticity, empathy, and courage in the face of today’s complexities, the importance of living and leading on purpose, storytelling as engagement, and how conversational agility is a primary ingredient for leadership today.