The Power of Taking Ownership with Adrian Koehler

Adrian Koehler, the founder of Take New Ground, has a powerful way of looking at ownership and an approach to crushing despair. In this episode with host Dr. Rosie Ward, Adrian shares his journey of overcoming "life lies" and discusses the power of living authentically even when feeling like a leader is challenging. They tackle the tough topics of workplace dynamics, the importance of emotional ownership, and how honest self-assessment can lead to lasting personal and professional growth.

Guest Info

Adrian Koehler, Founder & Senior Partner, Take New Ground

Adrian Koehler is a seasoned leadership expert and Senior Partner at TNG, a firm dedicated to pioneering organizational transformation and elevating the performance of top-notch executive teams. With over a decade of experience in organizational transformation and an equal tenure in leadership roles in several high-impact NGOs, Adrian has honed his expertise in fostering growth and change in both operational and consulting roles over the past 20+ years.

Beginning his career with a compassionate commitment to healthcare as a Registered Nurse, Adrian’s journey took a pivotal turn as he pursued a master’s degree in theology and international leadership. This unique combination of healing, spirituality, and organizational leadership has empowered him to “stand with” leaders by enhancing their capabilities and guiding their teams to achieve unprecedented results.

At TNG Partners, Adrian leverages his extensive experience to mentor experienced executives and entrepreneurs, helping them create cultures of engagement and fulfillment. His highly respected approaches have been instrumental in scaling businesses and nurturing top-performing leadership teams, making him a trusted advisor and effective coach in the art and science of transformational leadership.

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Key Takeaways:

- Adlerian psychology versus Freudian theory on personal development
- Conquering self-limiting beliefs through authenticity
- The role of emotional ownership in leadership
- Navigating workplace dynamics with conscious self-awareness
- The impact of personal narratives on professional behavior

Things to listen for:

00:00 Dwelling on reality, owning it, crucial impact.
03:44 Our minds shape how we perceive reality.
08:57 Take responsibility for your actions and choices.
09:40 Focus on self-awareness and taking responsibility.
13:17 Freudian psychotherapy: delve into childhood, understand behaviors.
16:12 Rise above emotions to take responsibility.
21:11 Different conversations happening, distinct experiences occurring.
23:52 Love brings meaning, overcome suffering and despair.
27:57 Importance of self-awareness and owning our stories.
30:26 Pay attention to others, overcome insecurities.
35:08 Leaders delegate tasks and share opportunities for success.
38:11 Connect with others by making eye contact.
40:00 Four day experience to explore your identity.

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