When you know your WHY, your WHAT has more impact.

Living your why will help you get noticed, feel valued, and be more confident in who you are.

Simon Sinek popularized the concept of “start with why” and uses what he calls the Golden Circle to show the importance of this concept.

  • WHY is our greater purpose, cause or belief
  • HOW are our behaviors and guiding principles that set us apart from others
  • WHAT is our function, role, products or services

Most of us know WHAT we do; very few of us know WHY we do it. But when we get clear on our WHY and then HOW we need to show up to live into and further our why, our WHAT becomes easier. This is true for organizations and individuals.

Starting with WHY gives us the clarity and flexibility we need to adapt our WHAT effectively and stay true to who we are.


Your WHY Matters

Learn how to identify your personal core values and operationalize your values into clear language and behaviors to help guide you in showing up as your best, authentic self -- at work and at home.

Through this interactive workshop, you will get tools to leverage your HOW and and your WHAT to foster fulfillment and make a positive difference in all areas of your life.

Some people refer to me as a “PhD with Personality” because I’m energetic, passionate, and I can turn any gathering into a dance party - even virtual gatherings!


Whether I’m delivering a virtual workshop, keynote address or a multi-day workshop, I invite people to challenge their assumptions, embrace some discomfort, re-imagine and begin to pave the path to a different future where we can all show up as fully human leaders.

But if you want substance, authenticity, emotion, critical thinking, and a sustainable path forward, I’d love to chat more. I interweave research with stories and reflection questions to foster moments of insight for people so they can walk away with a concrete next step for making a positive impact at work and at home. Nothing lights me up more than seeing people have new insights they can apply to get out of their own way and call themselves and others to greatness.

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