Every one of us can equip another to be their best self. Here is what is inspiring me.

Rosie's Must-Reads

Leadership on the Line, Ronald Heifetz & Marty Linsky

To lead change is to live dangerously. Someone has to do it; so why not you? This book shows how to lead positive change and minimize the perceived risks and danger.

The Outward Mindset, The Arbinger Institute

If we want to stop playing it safe and small and have more collaboration, we must shift to an Outward Mindset – seeing people as humans and then adusting our efforts to be more helpful.

Leadership and Self-Deception, The Arbinger Institute

People respond more to who we’re BEING than what we do. This book reveals how we justify standing in judgment and how to break these unproductive cycles that hinder relationships and collaboration.

The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni

Effective organizations are both smart and healthy – and spend most of their time building health. This book covers 4 key disciplines for building organizational health and effective leadership teams.

Mindset, Carol Dweck

Success in our lives is dramatically influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities. This book shows how we can build a growth mindset and transform our lives.

Dare to Lead, Brené Brown

Our future demands braver leaders and more courageous cultures. In her latest book, Brené shows us how to leverage 4 courage-building skills. I’m honored to be certified by her to lead this program!

These are some of my professional heroes who have inspired me and who I've been fortunate enough to meet...and honored to have become friends with a few of them.


Simon Sinek



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