Episode 11 – Lisa Earle McLeod & Elizabeth Lotardo on Making a Difference by Showing Up Authentically and Anchoring on Our Noble Purpose

In this episode, I speak with Lisa McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo about what it means to make a difference by leveraging our noble purpose and having the courage to show up as our authentic selves. Our noble purpose is how we make a difference when we’re at our best and in the service of something bigger than ourselves. While their work focuses on sales, we can all do this work (and need to do the work) to clarify our purpose and show up aligned with our best self and purpose. We also talk about how to scale this by moving from numbers and logic to emotion and belief, why The Greatest Showman is a metaphor for everything good in life, and tangible things we can do now to be more effective.

Episode 10 – Brandon Peele on Healing Our Divides and Fostering True Human Connection

In this episode, Brandon Peele and I talk about how to bring people together in a way that can begin to heal some of the great divides in our communities and country so we can find greater harmony...and he wants people to freely take what he’s doing and use it. Brandon is a unifier, activator, author and speaker who is on a mission to heal the divides in our nation by intentionally putting people together in small groups who are vastly different from one another - from different genders, generations, race, political ideologies, etc. to listen and learn from one another, and build empathy and respect by humanizing one another. We talk about what it takes to show up as a leader and be part of the solution, the importance of giving ourselves permission to feel the difficult emotions, what development is and why it’s needed (and how it’s different from learning and knowledge-building), and how critical it is to also focus on the culture and environment to create deliberate practices for change and humanity to take hold.

Episode 9 – Bryan Ungard on Paradigms, Waking Up, and Doing the Developmental Work So We Can Thrive and Flourish

Bryan is on a personal mission to wake us up from what he calls the “conscious flatlands”. In this episode, we have an insightful conversation about what it means to flourish and how important it is for us to wake-up on so many levels. On the individual level, we are largely being unconsciously run by our emotions and reacting to life. The problem is that, when there’s no pause between stimulus and response, we end up usually regretting it - either now or later. So we have to tend to the messy, uncomfortable, yet critically important, inner work in order to wake up and show up present, less reactive and more connected to others. On the organizational and societal level, we must be aware that how we engage with paradigms are shaping the outcome of our lives and that we have work to do if people are truly going to show up whole and expressing our uniqueness - at work and in the rest of their lives. This life-giving conversation will challenge your thinking and provide a new perspective of what it will collectively take for us to create a thriving future for us all.

Episode 8 – Safwan Shah on the Critical Role of Time in Restoring Livelihood and Humanity

In this episode, Safwan Shah and I talk about the importance of time and the critical role it plays in the livelihood of essential workers and the more than 90 million Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck. Safwan has unlocked a huge gap in the systems for how we receive our paychecks. He is an incredible example of what is possible when we get curious and follow our purpose and work to show up authentically in our lives. As a successful CEO, he also humbly shows his humanity and normalizes the universal experience of telling ourselves self-limiting stories. My eyes have been opened by Safwan’s work and how it can help restore humanity and help people feel they matter and be a little more whole. I hope you’ll leave our conversation enlightened and encouraged.

Episode 7 – Kristen Hadeed on Reframing Our Relationship and Narrative with Failure and Showing Up as Our Best Selves

In this episode, Kristen Hadeed talks about the importance of normalizing our humanity by reframing our relationship and narrative with failure. We also discuss the value of sharing our stories and creating a resiliency resume, being more intentional to set boundaries and tend to what we need to show up as our best, and setting intentions for how we show up so we can give others the gift of our full presence. I always walk away from any interaction with Kristen feeling grounded, more human and encouraged, and I know you’ll find hope, wisdom and some useful practices you can put into place to support you in showing up as your authentic, best self!

Episode 6 – Arthur Woods on Shifting Our Mindset and Unlocking the Power of Human Potential

In this episode, Arthur Woods and I discuss how 2020 has taught us that we must be human-centered and shift our inner narrative to reshape our priorities. He shares what’s possible when we unlock the power of human potential, anchor on our purpose and create workplaces where EVERYONE feels like they can meaningfully contribute and make an impact - especially among people with disabilities and other underrepresented communities. And we talk about mindset shifts that help us wake-up and show up as leaders to influence positive change. Arthur is a dynamo leader taking a systems-focused approach to bring about impactful change and address biases that prevent inclusivity in our workplaces. I walked away energized and having greater hope for humanity and hope you feel the same.

Episode 5 – Nancy Pautsch on Showing Up as a Self-Aware, Conscious Leader

In this episode, I chat with Nancy Pautsch, Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value (i.e., president) of Envision IT, about the value of listening when life throws “wake-up calls” at us and that it’s never too late to reset. We talk about her leadership awakening and how necessary it is to do the messy inner work and embrace the ongoing journey of developing ourselves, ground ourselves in the clarity our purpose brings, recognize that perfection is pure fiction and move from stress and fear-based catastrophizing to building our ability to ground ourselves and rise strong when we fall - and recognize we’re enough and have value. There's so much inspiration and wisdom in Nancy’s journey and our conversation. I know you’ll walk away thinking differently about your own leadership journey and nuggets you can hopefully apply to help you be intentional to show up fully and authentically in your life.

Episode 4 – Lynne Twist & Alexander McCobin on Shifting from a Mindset of Scarcity to Purpose, Sufficiency and Gratitude

In this episode, Lynne Twist, Alexander McCobin and I talk about how, now more than ever, it is so critical for us to show up differently and more conscious. Lynne is the epitome of a conscious leader making a difference around her every single day and discusses the critical transformation we need to make from the unconscious and unexamined assumptions we hold to move from a lens of scarcity to sufficiency. Alexander is a beacon of energy and positivity to change the DNA of our business world and discusses the important role Conscious Capitalism is playing in this. The problems our world is facing demand we ALL show up as leaders and that the business and activist communities start partnering to find solutions together. We are neurobiologically hardwired for connection; our conversation reinforces this and that we need to partner and be in relationship to pave a path for a better, more sustainable future. I walked away inspired, encouraged and hopeful and know you’ll feel the same!

Episode 3 – Laura Hall on Starting Somewhere and Embracing Progress Over Perfection

In this episode, Laura Hall and I talk about how important it is that we don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress and that seemingly small steps can lead to having a large impact. In other words, we all can start somewhere and have a ripple effect around us. Laura is an incredible force for good in this world and is bringing conscious leadership principles to a key stakeholder - our children. And we share a love of accessories! I hope you’ll walk away encouraged, inspired and energized like I was when we finished our interview.

Episode 2 – Bob Chapman on the Power of Listening and Caring

In this episode, Bob Chapman and I talk about the incredible power of listening and a leadership and humanistic skill that can heal relationships, workplaces and communities and the mission he’s on to change the world through Truly Human Leadership. I’m so inspired by the path Bob is paving for a better future for our kids and us all and have his book ridiculously highlighted and tabbed. It’s always uplifting and inspiring to talk with him -- and this conversation was no exception!

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